Certificate of English Eligibility

In order to qualify for English instruction in Quebec public schools, students must meet certain eligibility criteria under the Charter of the French Language as set out by the Quebec government.

When you come to register at the school, please bring all the following documents to ensure that you will obtain your child’s Certificate of Eligibility. The school will then apply for the Certificate of Eligibility and you will receive it in the mail. You must return to the school with your original Certificate of Eligibility to validate your registration with the school board.

  • Your child’s birth certificate (Long version Canadian Birth Certificate (with parents’ names))
  • The birth certificate or valid passport of the parent who received their education in English
  • The Permanent Code of the parent or sibling who received their education in English (High School, College, or University transcript) or the Certificate of Eligibility of the parent or sibling who attended/is attending an English school)
  • A photocopy of your child’s Medicare card (visible number and expiration date)
  • A photocopy of your child’s vaccination booklet
  • Proof of residence (For children born outside Quebec)
  • Your current address and phone numbers
*Please note that all the documents and information have to be brought to your registration appointment to ensure that you receive your child’s Certificate of Eligibility as soon as possible.

Applying for a Certificate During the Summer

After June 9, 2017 All applications for Certificates of Eligibility must be done at the School Board head office.


English Montreal School Board
School Organization Law 101 - Office
6000 Avenue Fielding
Montreal, Québec H3X 1T4


More Information

For more information on eligibility requirements for English public schools in Quebec, please visit the websites below: