French Immersion Program


In Kindergarten and Cycle I all instruction is taught in the French language. Students are given an intensive immersion to the French language as all of the instruction is offered in French. This early immersion helps lay the ground work for acquiring French as a second language. In Cycle II, with the introduction of 50% English instruction, students begin an English language arts programme. In Cycle III, programmes in both languages are followed with time allotments used as guidelines: 50% English and 50% French. As most of our children are Anglophone, parents are encouraged to support and enrich the school programme by providing other opportunities to use French in the community, the home, radio, T.V. etc. Any such opportunity which broadens the child’s knowledge and understanding of French culture goes a long way to ensure the success of our programme.

The French Immersion programme is taught in Cycles I, II and III.