ro-bot /rob‰t/: A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. Gardenview's robotics program - otherwise known as G.R.A.I.G (Gardenview Robotics Artificial Intelligence Group)- offers cycle 3 students the opportunity to interact with Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotics kits. Through our robotics program, students acquire the skills to design, build, and program robots to accomplish a multitude of tasks.

In doing so, students better both their logical-mathematical and spatial intelligences as they experiment and negotiate many variables such as distance, speed, direction, and design. Furthermore, they develop a technological fluency as they learn to program their robots via NXT software.

At the end of April, the students will have the opportunity to display both their concept and creation to other elementary and high school students at the Montreal Junior Robotics Competition. Students can choose to enter in a variety of missions/activities: robot dancing, robot theatre, search and rescue and/or robot soccer.

In being a part of G.R.A.I.G., students not only develop cognitively, but emotionally and socially as well. Together students set goals, share ideas, try them out, solve setbacks, and negotiate strengths and weaknesses. These skills are a necessary part of team building and will certainly help students navigate future endeavours.